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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Writing Process-easy or hard for you?

Why do I feel that getting started on a research paper is so hard? I like doing the research, I also like the writing process once I get started. I think I have a mental block that occurs at the beginning of the paper. I get so anxious just thinking about writing a paper. I thought I choose a good topic, one that I could relate to. As I research more and more on the subject, I am finding that it is a little harder to find more information on the topics in my thesis statement. I guess what I can do is probably change my thesis statement around a little more. I will continue to work on this project because there is an outline due this week and a first draft due next week. Good luck to all my classmates with this project. The final paper is due at the end of this session and worth 400 points.


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  1. Hey Colette,

    You are not alone with writer's happens to often with me. Jotting down the ideas seems easy enough. However,it's putting the thoughts together, formulating a good paper is the hard part. The great thing is that we still have a few weeks to get it right...400 points is achievable, we can do it!!