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Thursday, September 30, 2010

At the end......

At the end of this english class, my advice to future students is to start early on your final paper. The final paper of a scientific research paper, is a long drawn out process. I advise them to start the research process as soon as a strong topic and a starting thesis statement is completed. Once some of the research is done, perfecting the thesis statement is easier. I think the more research they have to choose from will make the writing and re-writing process easier. I also, would like to remind them to use the resource writing center and to remember to call onto the instructor for knowledge and clarification.

I think the one thing I learned through this class, is the editing process. I have learned to make the revision process simpler. After I revise and edit I let someone read it to me. Once I hear it second hand, it is easier to know what does not sound clear, and I am to edit my paper. My weakest, or the thing I need to improve on is my time mangement. I should have started my second draft on my paper sooner than I did. I felt that I rushed my final paper. I did the research process early, I just put off my editing and revision process late. I will use the writing skills that I learned in this class throughout my college career.

I have no  real words of wisdom. This class was fun but stressful. There were some great students in this class, and I wish them all well. The instructor is great and very knowledgeable, I also, wish her well.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final paper, How do I feel at this point?

Well, now that the paper is ALMOST done, I feel nervous, tired, and a little excited. I am glad that this is the end on the session. I am nervous because I still have a lot more to work on before posting my paper. I am nervous that it will not be in the correct APA format. I am nervous that my paper will not flow when Professor Barb reads it. I am nervous that I will make an "F" on this paper. I am just a nervous nelly when it comes to final papers. I would like to finish strong in this class, and to make a good grade on this paper will be wonderful. I like writing, I like the discussion boards and even some of the projects that we did. I do not however, like to do research papers. I don't like doing the research. I like the actual part of writing when I am writing about me and my experiences. I will give this paper my all, and pray for the best.