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Sunday, September 5, 2010

No Kids

So my kids went off to stay with my sister for a couple of days. I can't believe that both the 10 and 4 year old left. I am used to my 10 year old going off to spend the night with one family member or the next. I was totally shocked that my 4 year old left my side rather quickly. Is the days of me referring to him as "my baby" over with, is he a big boy now????? Am I ready to make the transition from having to 1 big boy and 1 little boy, to 2 big boys?? He has been telling me he is a big boy for a while now, I guess it is true. So now I am the mother of 2 big boys. Oh goodness, such a big step for me and little family. I did enjoy the quiet time to finish up my first draft of my paper. I think I could have used a whole week of quiet time to work on this paper, it was challenging.

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